A Fistful of Awesome

The Good Life, Documented

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21 July 1969
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I am [info]thndrstd. I am married to the wonderful [info]rosepurr. We live in Nashville, Tennessee. We frequent a lot of concerts. Most of them wouldn't qualify as country, though some do. I'm a country boy who lives in a city now, and sometimes wants to return, but is enthralled by the trappings of civilization.

I am a law librarian. I practiced law for three years. I hated every minute of it. I went back to school and became a librarian. My worst day as a librarian is better than than my best day practicing. Some days, I love my job. Most days, it's a job. I don't mind going, but I look forward to leaving.

I read a lot. rosepurr is on the road quite a bit for her job, so I often come home from work, eat something, and curl up on the couch with our two cats and a good book. I watch very little TV. Nothing against TV - I used to watch a lot - but I don't now.

I call my journal "A Fistful of Awesome: The Good Life, Documented" because I have it really darn good. I avoid drama (which is part of why I'm not a lawyer anymore). My marriage is good. Our cats are only moderately feral. I had a pretty sheltered, uneventful childhood that has evolved into a pretty sheltered, relatively stable adulthood. That's not a complaint. My best times are yet to come.

I came across a blog post that says your first entry in your blog should be a mission statement. Since this is a kind of reboot, I think it's time to draft one. Here goes:

This blog is intended to get me writing and keep me writing. It is meant to open myself up, share experiences that matter, and find and make friends who value intellect, writing, thoughtfulness and the leading of a deliberate life.
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