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The Blue Apron Experiment

My wife and I have been using Blue Apron for three weeks. If you're not familiar with Blue Apron, here's what it is. Every week for a fee, depending on how many people you want to serve, they deliver the ingredients for three dinner recipes. The ingredients are pre-measured and fresh from the farm seasonal. A recipe card for each dish is included.

This is not microwaving something out of a box or simply putting sandwiches together or something like that. It is cooking, chopping vegetables, mixing sauces and dressings, hot oil. The only ingredients not included are water, salt, pepper, and olive oil, though they are frequently required (i.e., every time).

The dishes have been mixed. My wife and I are making an effort for both health and environmental reasons to cut back on our red meat consumption. Blue Apron allows a variety of options so our weekly allotment contains one chicken meal, one seafood meal, and one vegetarian meal. Until this week, we have often found the vegetarian options a bit wanting - bland and lacking enough protein. We find ourselves raiding the fridge an hour after we eat.

This week so far has been the highlight. Last night was the vegetarian choice - summer soba salad with corn and soy-mirin dressing that proved very satisfying for a summer dinner. Tuesday night I made what was probably my favorite Blue Apron meal so far, squid ink linguine pasta with shrimp and cherry tomatoes. I even took a picture:

Rich, flavorful and satisfying.

Blue Apron has worked really well for us. While my wife has been the cook in our household more often, I have taken on the challenge of dinner most nights since I am the stay-at-home dad now. In the past I have had more success with baking, but Blue Apron works well because the directions are straightforward and precise. Not having to shop or plan meals is a definite plus. On Mondays, a magic box appears at our doorstep and three dinners are accounted for.

It's not cheap, but it's definitely cheaper than eating out. We're fortunate that we have the means to do it. The variety and having fresh seasonal ingredients is great. Each meal takes roughly 30 minutes to prepare. I usually do the prep work of vegetable-cutting and sorting before my wife gets home and start really cooking once she arrives and settles in with Zim. It works well.

I always feel a little weird endorsing companies or products, but once they found out we're using it, a lot of people ask us how we feel about Blue Apron. Overall, I'd say we were satisfied. We have been using it for three weeks and have enjoyed the meals (as I mentioned, this week's more than others). We'll be staying with it for awhile, I think.


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