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Rise of the Resolutionaries

rosepurr and I have been going to Y for almost two years. I should note that we did not join the gym in January. If I recall correctly, we joined in April.

Anyway, we love our gym. I often go there to run outside, taking advantage of the sauna and whirlpool after. rosepurr uses a personal trainer there before she takes off out of town for the workweek. And we both really enjoy the pilates reformer classes.

But January is hard. It's hard to begin with because we usually work out in the morning. Getting up can be hard anyway, but in January, it's cold and dark when we need to be out of bed to work out and make it to work on time.

And then we actually get to the gym. Because it's January, it's mobbed. The Y sees a huge influx of new members with the new year. A friend of ours called them "resolutionaries," people who have resolved to get in shape for the new year.

And, before my rant begins, bravo to them. It's hard to start. It's tough to make that commitment and the hardest part of the whole thing is getting your butt out of bed and to the gym. Once you're there, it's actually easier. You're at the gym - what else can you do there? You can't go back to sleep once you're there.

So bravo. I wish each and every one of them well. I hope they find some exercise they love, that they turn their lives and health around, that they become as happy as rosepurr and I have become leading more active lives.

But the realist in me knows that most of them will be gone by February. By March, the ones who really have made a change will still be there, but they are a small number.

So right now, knowing that, I'm frustrated that the gym is so full. Parking is a nightmare. It's tough to find a machine. The lockers are all taken or else you're crammed in one spot, trying to change in your one square foot of space. The relaxation function of the whirlpool does not work with six other guys in it.

And, I know, this is whining about something that is really a privilege and a pleasure and I should just shut up about it. Still, the gym has become a kind of sanctuary for me these days, and I don't want it disrupted.

For once, I guess I'm actually looking forward to February.


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