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Last week was chaos. Most good, some bad, steadily improving as the week progressed.

Of course, here it is Wednesday of the following week before I've had opportunity to write it down so I suppose this one is crazy, too.

So here goes:

Last week, Monday and Tuesday, I delivered the same lecture about doing legislative history research four times. I enjoy teaching, but it wears me out. So Monday & Tuesday were a blur.

Wednesday started fine, and I was glad to not be teaching that day. Big snowflakes, the size of quarters, began falling mid-afternoon. When I left work at six, there was maybe an inch on the ground. But somehow it fell just right to snarl traffic. I left my office and traffic on the major road that goes past work was at a standstill. I decided to go eat and hope it would improve. It didn't. I heard rumors of people taking 4 or 5 hours to get from downtown to my neighborhood. And then I would still have to try to get up the hill to my complex.

So friends of mine who lives close to work was kind enough to open their home to stranded friends who didn't want to try to deal with it. I walked the mile or so (I moved much faster than the cars) and camped out.

Of course, the next morning, the snow was pretty much gone from the roads, but I had no change of clothes or anything. So I called in. I went home, did some housework. Then I drove out to the airport (with ease) to pick up rosepurr who got enough of this snow nonsense since she was in Dallas where this crap started.

Friday I had already planned on being home with rosepurr. Our delightful friends, purple_phys and tbec came into town for a visit. We spent Friday night catching up over a lovely Middle Eastern-inspired dinner rosepurr made.

Saturday I ran a half-marathon. I had been training some, but I knew I wasn't completely ready for it. The course, in one of the local state parks, was advertised as "flat." Maybe if you're a mountaineer. I liked the course; it's just not what I expected. My lack of training, the lack of flatness, and the snow and ice that clung to shady parts of the course made my time lackluster. Nonetheless, I'm glad I ran it. Then I met up with rosepurr and our friends for some fabulous Mexican food and drinks. Quality time.

The weather has been steadily becoming awesome here. Wednesday night was the snowstorm that wreaked havoc with traffic. Sunday was 60 degrees under bright sunshine. We walked around Radnor Lake Park for much of the afternoon. Then we gussied up for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in town, Miel, for a superb special Valentine's Day menu.

In short, awesome weekend. Coming back to work Monday was hard, but rosepurr had taken the day off so she could take our friends back to the airport and then cook us a fabulous dinner. A couple of weeks ago, she took a "Salute to Julia Child" cooking class. She was already amazing in the kitchen and she's striving to take it to the next level. She already made a spinach souffle (she was so excited when it rose as it's supposed to). So, as a special Valentine's Day treat, she made Coq au Vin.

Words fail. It was superb.

Then there was quality time with my sweetie. YAY!

I have it pretty damned good.


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Feb. 17th, 2011 01:15 am (UTC)
Love you, snugglebutt. It was a fabu weekend.
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