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I got the blues

These dark cold gray days suck. I made it out of bed this morning in time for work. I meant to get up and run, but rain and gray and chilly made that too daunting. Bed was warm and comfortable. I haven't been sleeping well, so I really just wanted to stay there. I did for as long as I could.

I'm reading (via audiobook) Keith Richards' Life right now, and I'm up to where he talks about the tour of 1975-76, when he was a major drug addict and often showed up late for his shows because he'd be high and up for so long that he would crash for hours. He says he never missed a show, but he would be 3 hours late. He says no one left. I doubt that's true. I would have.

But I understand that grumpy, don't-wake-me-up feeling he describes, even without staying up late high on pharmaceutical cocaine (that's just not how I roll, thank God).

On another note (haha!), my guitar teacher recently went to Chicago to see his favorite guitar player, Buddy Guy, at his club there for four consecutive nights. Sounds like an awesome trip.

Thanks to my guitar teacher and Keef, and probably in part to these horrible gray days, I've been listening to the blues. The phenomenal Buddy Guy. And I borrowed the John Lee Hooker box set from the public library. It's in heavy rotation here at work.

Here's a taste:

In the words of the great bluesman Bleeding Gums Murphy, the blues ain't about making yourself feel better. It's about making everyone feel worse. Ha!


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