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So today was good. I did a little housework, some grocery shopping, a little reading. I cooked tonight. Simple meal, mind you, but it feels to cook and eat something a bit healthier. It's from my A Man, A Can, A Plan cookbook (a wonderful book of simple, tasty recipes). It's called "Fried Bean Tomatoes." It pretty much involves taking a can of baked beans, a can of corn, a can of stewed tomatoes (Mexican style), some instant rice and water and cooking them in a skillet for about 10 minutes. Pretty good, and I'll get 2 meals out of it.

As rosepurr knows, I am the Beanmaster. When I cook I seem drawn to recipes that include beans. I've read that beans are wonderful for diets, slow to digest so you don't get hungry and loaded with fiber.

Talked to my Dad for about 2 hours tonight, which was good. He's behind on his work, mostly due to the stupidity of others. I'm becoming my mother. I go to work, I come home, and I read. Alternating weekends, I visit my sweetie. And otherwise, I don't want to be bothered with most of humanity. I have friends and colleagues and the people who read this and that I talk to, but I don't want to leave the house otherwise. For instance, I really want to see "Sin City" and, next weekend, "Kung Fu Hustle," yet I dread leaving the house. I am looking forward to doing Thunder Over Louisville at the Bats game next weekend, though. Beer and hot dogs and good friends and my sweetie will assuage my disgust for humanity.

Western civilization is in decline and I refuse to cooperate. My life is a testament to all things civilized, including good humor and snuggling. Now if I just get rid of the fuckers who stand in front of me at the grocery with the cell phones glued to the ears, oblivious to the world around them.

Sorry. I don't mean to be such a curmudgeon. I am in a good mood, actually. My life rocks.


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Apr. 18th, 2005 01:07 am (UTC)
Can't wait to see you! What we doing for Bats tix?
Apr. 18th, 2005 01:12 am (UTC)
Rosepurr will probably coordinate things tomorrow. If she doesn't, expect an email from me.
Apr. 18th, 2005 12:11 pm (UTC)
There are some things that we definitely have in common, and most of them come from Mom. I think Dad is staying very calm and composed for all he's going through....Mom would be going through the roof at this point!!!
Apr. 18th, 2005 01:42 pm (UTC)
Listening to this book written in the 1800s has given me further confirmation that we are living in a time when rational thought is on the decline.

However, we are MUCH more eglatarian in the good way now.
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