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Last night was awesome.

After a day largely spent doing nothing around the house (which is more awesome than it sounds), rosepurr and I attended a reception held by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation here in Nashville honoring their 30 under 30 philanthropists. One of the chosen was our friend Amanda and we were honored to be there to support and congratulate her.

Then we headed home. rosepurr decided to stay in for the night, but I changed clothes and headed back out to close out the Americana festival. I was tired, too, but I had spent the afternoon psyching myself up and reminding myself this was the last night.

I got to the Cannery Ballroom a few minutes before Mike Farris took the stage. He brings soulful tent revival music to life. While all his musicians are great, his fiddle player brings the heat of the blues - yes, blues fiddle. He closed out his set with this classic. The crowd, believers or not, couldn't help but join in:

"Will the Circle Be Unbroken"

Then local favorite Todd Snider came on stage with his "Rock and Roll Revue." Todd often writes and plays folky acoustic stuff so the promise of "Rock and Roll" was exciting.

And Rock and Roll they did. Todd looked and sounded great. Don Was on bass. A guitar player Dan Baird, best known as lead singer of the Georgia Satellites, played two of his solo songs, as well as "Keep Your Hands to Yourself." But the night belonged to a boogie-woogie pe-ya-na player named Jason D. Williams. As another reviewer described, "Williams is a wildman . . . playing with his feet, with his head, with drumsticks, and even playing a Rockabilly tune while balancing a glass of water on his head." Imagine Jerry Lee Lewis in his prime, singing about drinking, and you start to get the picture.

Here's a glimpse of his manic playing style:

He was so energetic, so full of fun, that he had the whole band cracking up on stage while he played.

For a festival that had phenomenal performances, the revue was probably the best pure show of the festival. Simply amazing.


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