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More Americana

Last night, we pretty much camped out at the Mercy Lounge for more of the Americana festival.

Over the Rhine graced us with several new songs from an album they have coming out in January. But here's a great older one that they played. Like almost all their songs, it showcases Karin's tremendous vocals.


Then one of my personal favorites, Darrell Scott, took the stage. Those who weren't already familiar with him are quickly becoming so as he is part of Robert Plant's new Band of Joy. His backing vocals and the mandolin are a pivotal piece of that band. On his own, though, he's just an incredible singer, songwriter, and guitar player. He brought his guitar and Kenny Malone, a great percussionist, to back him up. The video links below show him with a full band, but he doesn't need it.

"Shattered Cross"

But to even further endear himself to rosepurr, he closed his set with this classic:

"You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive"

Jim Lauderdale took the stage next. He stepped up and did a fine job, but it was hard to follow those two. I do like this song off his latest record, though - the title track.

"Patchwork River"

After his set, the crowd got bigger and drunker. Like country music, obnoxious crowds are part of the Nashville tradition, and it got to be too much for us. So we only caught the beginning of Shelby Lynne. We would have liked to hear more, but crowd noise was drowning her out anyway. Besides, bed was cozy and warm, and we slept in wonderfully late before heading to the farmers' market.

We have an event to go to tonight, but we may catch a couple of the late-night acts afterward. It's been a tremendous festival, so if we don't make it anything tonight, it will still have been amazing.


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