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Breaking the shackles

It was a beautiful sunrise this morning.

In fact, the weather over the past few days has been magnificent. The heat has diminished along with the humidity. It still gets into the 80's and there's still humidity, but it's not what it was. After the 60 or so days of 90-plus (both degrees and percent humidity), this feels like fall.

I ran 8 miles this morning. I felt pretty good. I had 5 in before the sun, a bright moon hanging like a beacon, and I got to watch the gorgeous sunrise, smeared pink clouds across the sky.

My legs are still giving me a bit of soreness. Sunday, I ran/walked the longest I've ever gone - 15 miles. More running than walking but there's walking in there. My legs let me know right away that it was tough, but they've hurt worse for less in the past.

Monday was my off day, which was good. Yesterday's four miles in the park served to stretch them out.

Today, though, I'm calm. I'm not only trying to increase my mileage, but I'm trying to use running as meditation, a time for me, and a way to relax. It's supposed to be fun, right? Why do it otherwise?

In fact, at work today, I'm glued to the computer, plugging away at a tedious project. I keep looking outside at the bright sunshine and wishing I was out there, wishing I was still running.

rosepurr went for a nice hike last night as the sun went down (she's on the road so I couldn't go, but it sounded wonderful).

I guess we both are feeling the need to escape the shackles of civilization.


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