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In which Apple comes out looking good

Too often, we - by which I mean me - has very little good to say about large corporations. They usually deserve it - yes, I'm looking at you, BP (replacing a figurehead with the guy who actually cause the fuck-up is a stroke of PR genius).

So when a corporation treats me very well, I feel like I should say so in a public forum.

Saturday, my iPhone starting acting up. First a couple of strange error messages about accessories that were incompatible with the phone despite having nothing plugged into it. Then it wouldn't take a charge. I'd plug it into the computer and the computer couldn't find and the phone still wouldn't charge.

I did all the things that online support told me to do, but nothing helped.

Yesterday on my lunch break, I went to the closest Apple store where I had to make an appointment to get it looked at. (This was the most annoying part of the experience.) Fortunately, someone was available later that afternoon.

The Apple store made me feel like an old Luddite. They stock the place with way too many young hipsters, all of them using iPads and iPhones like I would use paper. I'm completely addicted to my iPhone, as the last couple of days showed, but I don't use it for everything. It weirds me out when people do. I understand why Apple would make their employees do it that way, but I'd be crazy.

They couldn't fix my iPhone. And, they informed me, it was 12 days past its warranty.

Nonetheless, they replaced it and charged me nothing.

That's quality customer service. Kudos to Apple and their team and the nice hipster at the Apple store who gave me a new phone.


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