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In case you didn't know, Wednesday was my birthday. I turned 4000 years old. Or something. It's just a number. :)

I was too busy taking time off work and enjoying life to actually getting down to documenting it. :)

I got up early with rosepurr and went for 6 miles in accordance with my marathon training. Came home and ate breakfast. Gathered books and papers and sat in a Starbucks for a couple of hours, writing, people-watching, and sipping on iced coffee. It was glorious. I then took care of some errands. Which can be satisfying when you tell yourself you don't have to do them.

Then several of us gathered at one of my favorite places, the Loveless Cafe for fried chicken, barbecue, pie, and Southern comfort (not the drink, just the feeling). I ate too much. I waddled out of the place and rolled right into bed when we got home.

The next morning, I felt like I was hungover. I have been abstaining from drinking during my marathon training (the bar we're adjourning to after the marathon has already been chosen) so this feeling was unusual. It was solely from eating so much at the Loveless. That and perhaps the ridiculous heat here lately. It's like living in the sun.

I slept late. I joined rosepurr for lunch, then made my way to the gym. I had a 3-mile run to do. Three to four miles is about the maximum I can handle on the treadmill. (Without the iPod, it'd be considerably less than that.) Which works out because I don't want to run in this heat at midday. I did the required 3 plus some strength training. I haven't been doing strength training or pilates and I really felt it yesterday. While the running is going well, I need to work on strength and flexibility, too.

Then I got my birthday present. My wonderful wife gave me a gift certificate for a 90-minute massage, which I used after yesterday's workout. It was perhaps the best massage I've ever had. (And I love massages and get them whenever my bank account allows for them.) I told Steve, the massage therapist, that I liked really strong pressure. In fact, I told him I didn't think it was possible for him to do enough pressure to actually make me cry out in pain. He proved me wrong at a sore spot where my neck meets my skull, but otherwise, he even said, I was practically indestructible.

Of course, I spent the rest of the day in liquid form. rosepurr and I went for a swim in the pool as the sun went down and I felt like I was simply part of the water, languid and liquid. And today I still feel loose, even though I'm back at work and none of my frustrations resolved themselves in my absence. (One can always hope.) I've gotten a good amount done today and, in less than 2 hours, I don't have to think about this place for another couple of days.

We have a busy weekend ahead - dinner with friends tonight (at the also wonderful Cabana), friends' wedding tomorrow. In fact, these two days I took off as a birthday present to myself are kind of the end of my summer. Sure, the heat will still be with us, but it's less than a month until school starts. This is always the busiest time for me. It's almost a relief when the students arrive. rosepurr and I were comparing notes and even our weekends are full over the next month or so.

Plus I have to work in a 12-mile long run before the temperature hits 100 tomorrow.

It really feels like summer is over already.


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