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For the ladies

If this blog is anything like my real life (and, surprisingly, it is), I have more female friends than male friends. Which is good.

I once had a friend - a female friend, actually - say to me that I was "the straightest guy she ever met." She meant that there was absolutely no doubt that I was (a) a guy, and (b) straight.

But generally I prefer the company of women. Generally speaking (and this is about as broad a generalization as you can get), I just find them more interesting than men. They seem, at least to me, a bit more thoughtful and forthcoming. I do have close male friends who I wouldn't trade for anything, though.

All that said, I'm always surprised by how drawn I am to activities and interests that women seem to prefer. For instance, I am a librarian. The classic image/stereotype of the librarian is the older woman with her hair in a bun and a sshhh on her lips. Even though many of the best known librarians in history are men (e.g., Dewey, Borges, etc.), women dominate the profession in its image and its numbers.

I am also (obviously) a big reader. There is a notion that women are bigger readers than men. This is probably true, and the publishing industry pounces on that. But there is also a notion that men hardly read at all. Which isn't true. Some men don't read. Some women don't read. Most of the men I know read, and wish they had more time to read. The same is true of women.

All that said, I found something that is of far less interest to me than it will be to (straight) women (or gay men) in my readership. I've given you library porn in the past. I'm also always fascinated by what people are reading. In the airport, at the library, on a bus, I can't help but check out book spines and front covers. I don't have to know who you are. I'm always curious like the monkey George. I'm probably judging you, too, but I already approve because you have a book in hand, no matter what that book is.

So this is a different kind of thing. That's right - it's a blog called Hot Guys Reading Books. I'll leave it to you to judge if the guys are actually hot because I don't care.

All I really look at is the book covers, anyway.


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