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(Evil) Thoughts on BP and the Spill

As if you need them, here are two things to stir the emotions with regard to this tragedy.

The first is a map of Nashville, had it been the center of the spill. I'd better learn to inhale black glop through my gills.

IfItWasMyHome.com - Visualizing the BP Oil Disaster

I note that, while some statistics have been released, there have not been a lot of photos of the decimation on wildlife this has taken.

That said, anger-inducing pictures here. Obviously may be disturbing to some (and hopefully most if not all).

The spill in the Gulf pisses me off. And it's easy to point to incompetent executives and workers at BP. But it could have been any oil company. (The Exxon Valdez was a disaster, too, and yet Exxon still survives.)

The thing that irritates me most, though, is that I feel like a contributor. I thrive in a country and a culture driven by petroleum. I love my car. I love the compact disks that are made of the stuff. I love plastic. I think putting the blame on select individuals merely avoids the real issue, i.e., our reliance on fossil fuels that are both limited and dangerous. It also neglects the problem of capitalism's short-sightedness.

I like to think of myself as pro-environment. I recycle (even though Nashville doesn't make it easy). I turn the lights off when I leave a room. I try not to be wasteful.

Does it matter if I still rely on gasoline? Am I just a liar or a hypocrite? Maybe I'm just a silent complicitor?


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