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In which I kill no one with an axe

A good weekend.

We got together with friends Friday night for rosepurr's soon-to-be-world-famous shepherd's pie and a friendly game of Apples to Apples (always good with friends and great for making new ones).

Saturday, rosepurr and I did our summer Saturday morning routine, which involves picking up our CSA, stopping off for coffee, and then browsing/purchasing from the farmers' market.

Before we got home, we decided to go the Tennessee Renaissance Festival.

I know it will hurt my cred among some of my friends that I've never been to a Ren Fair before. Not that I didn't want to. It just hasn't happened. I've never lived anywhere that had one. And it took me 3 years to get to this one.

It was fun, though. We walked around, "window" shopped the vendors, ate, took in a couple of comedy shows. We had a good time.

In the interest of frightening everyone, behind the cut is a picture of me preparing to try my hand at axe-throwing:

I'm in the green shirt.

If I decide to kill you with an axe, you're safe.

rosepurr's knee has been bothering her for weeks since she fell on it. The joint itself is fine. She has no trouble walking, but the knee is bruised and swollen. We learned today it's not broken, just badly bruised.

Anyway, because of this, the walking on Saturday made her not want to be on it much Sunday. So we laid around. In my case, literally. I sprawled across our new fabulous couch, book in hand, cat on lap. My snores did not keep rosepurr from finishing two books yesterday. I jumped around between serious fiction, lighter fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. Thus, I completed nothing, but it was incredibly satisfying just the same.

We ate on stuff we'd gotten from the CSA and farmers' market. In fact, almost everything came from those yesterday. For breakfast, a fabulous frittata with farm fresh eggs, spinach, green garlic, onions. Farm raised sausage. Toast with herbed goat cheese. For dinner, a fantastic ribeye, grass fed, lean and tasty, cooked just right - rare, pink and warm in the center. Sauteed chard and onions on the side.

Yummy. rosepurr is so good to me. It's the good life.

This morning, regular life kind of resumed, but fortunately rosepurr is home this week. We're heading to D.C. for a longish weekend vacation this Friday. We're excited.

This morning, I did get up and run and, quite frankly, it sucked. But I want to get back on track. My leg hurt last week. I don't know why, but I gave it a few days off and it's better now. In truth, I gave it more time than I planned on. We did a bit of walking Saturday, though.

Then work. A pretty full day today, though nothing exciting (which isn't a bad thing). Pandora and my Darrell Scott station make it tolerable. Darrell Scott's in town tomorrow for the release of his new double album. I'm excited. I don't know if we'll make his formal show, but he's doing a short set at a local record store tomorrow after work that I will definitely be at. With some luck, I'll get the new album and get it signed while I'm there. Which would be awesome!


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