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The Flood of 2010

So rosepurr and I are fine after the recent flooding here in Nashville. Some people we know had some damage, but we are fortunate to report we know no one who lost their lives or their homes. There are far too many who are not as fortunate.

Several places we know and love are affected. The Schermerhorn, where the symphony plays, reportedly lost its fabulous $2.5 million organ. The Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry house have also sustained damage. The Opryland hotel had to be entirely evacuated; the first floor is pretty much underwater. There are pictures here. LP Field, where the Titans play, is underwater, as Bridgestone Arena, where the Predators play. Our favorite concert venue, the Ryman, fortunately, has not had any damage.

Here in the library we had a few leaks and a few books got wet, but it could have been much, much worse. (The books in question are not anything I think anyone will miss, either.) At lunch, I took a walk to the Great Escape, a comic book store near campus, and they had a wet floor and had shifted some stuff around, but it didn't look bad. I'm trying to find out the state of things at some other places we love.

The major problem right now for the city is water. Nashville has two water treatment plants. One of them is currently underwater - completely. The one plant that isn't has a capacity of 75 million gallons a day. On average, Nashville uses 100 million gallons a day. The mayor and other city officials have been urging residents to conserve, using water only for drinking and cooking - not even showering. I haven't really seen anyone following it that stringently. (In other words, I have found no one stinky.) I myself went to the Y this morning and showered there (it's a county over and while it, too, is urging conservation, its situation isn't as imperative). In the meantime, laundry and dishes have to wait.

rosepurr live on top of a high hill, which was fortunate. We had no flooding or leaks in the apartment. We watched a lot of local news (that may be a first). The problem really was getting out. The bottom of the hill was a pond early Saturday afternoon, and the rain had hardly started. We never lost cable or Internet. The fridge was stocked with leftovers. Lights flickered a few times, at one point going out for about five minutes (we suspect while other repairs were made).

Since we've moved to Nashville, we've seen several disasters. We had the gasoline shortage crisis. Then we had Snowpocalypse a few months ago. And now a 300-year flood (let's hope not to get another for at least 300 years). I'd like to think that we have been through the rough seas and there's smooth sailing ahead. My inner pessimist won't allow that, though. It wants to assert some incontrovertible law of the Universe being out to get me. I know it's not true, but I can't help feeling it.

Besides, if it's really out to get me, it's doing a terrible job. For me, at least, each of these disasters has been - at most - an inconvenience.

So instead I'm blessed. The city is getting cleaned up and repairs are being made. We all do what we can.


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May. 4th, 2010 09:09 pm (UTC)
I was thinking of you and this is the first time I had to check the flist to see if you and rosepurr had posted. I'm so glad you didn't sustain any damage and that the both of you are safe!
May. 4th, 2010 09:13 pm (UTC)
May. 4th, 2010 10:10 pm (UTC)
Glad to know you all are doing well. :)
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