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It must be mine!!!

As many of you know, I am a huge music buff. Living in Nashville, where we find great music - and not just country, I find this a great asset. I listen to a bit of everything. The one word that I'm confident describes my taste is eclectic. I feel out of sorts at times when I haven't listened to music in awhile. It's a soothing influence. I bring CD's in to work and listen to them in my office (low volume - it is a library). It makes even the most tedious, boring day tolerable. If I forget them, there's always Pandora.

Only the books take up more room than the CD's in our home (and that may be a product of volume - there may be a greater quantity of CD's). I struggle to fit 40 gigs of music onto my 30GB iPod. And that's being very selective. Still, I fail.

Anyway, our friends Sarah and Brian swung through town last week and introduced me to a new album that is as curious as it is intriguing. David Byrne, he of Talking Heads fame, joined up with DJ Fatboy Slim to produce a 2-disk set of songs inspired by Imelda Marcos, she of the never-having-found-a-pair-of-shoes-she-wouldn't-own.

It's called "Here Lies Love" and features Imelda's picture on the cover:

Almost all the songs are sung by women (notables include Tori Amos, Allison Moorer, Natalie Merchant, and Cyndi Lauper). The only two male singers on the album are Byrne and Steve Earle.

It sounds way too weird, just out there. But I really liked what I heard. Perhaps it's just so weird, it's inspired. I read an article that said Byrne's been working on this record for 5 years.

Another item for the old Amazon wish list . . .



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Apr. 22nd, 2010 01:26 am (UTC)
Time magazine mentioned it a couple weeks ago as one of there picks. It sounds fascinating.
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