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Busy but good weekendw

A full weekend. Friday rosepurr visited friends we hadn't seen in a bit for a little dinner, a little wine, and a lot of catching up. We met their new dog Sheila and talked until midnight (not bad for old people).

Saturday we had a date night. We had reservations for Fleming's, where we ordered the tasting menu. A lobster bisque to start. Then filet mignon and lobster tail - here's a pic:

For dessert, we had a wonderful pear and blueberry tart a la mode - another pic:

We then went to see Gordon Lightfoot at the Ryman. Gordon is 71 years old and, according to Wikipedia, he had a tracheotomy in 2002 along with several abdominal surgeries. His voice is not what it once was, but, given all that, it's a surprise he's up there at all. He also was fighting some head congestion that night. The higher notes eluded him at times, but the lower ones gained a gravelly gravitas. He and his great band still play well and the whole show had a cozy intimate feel. Good times.

We slept late Sunday morning and awoke to a beautiful day. Bright sunshine and the temperature finally starting to feel spring-like. We had a late breakfast, then trekked to the Y. I ran outside for about a mile (YAY!) and lifted, while rosepurr worked the treadmill and then did some lifting of her own. I let the sauna work out more of my toxins after.

After that, we went to a concert by the Nashville Philharmonic. Our friend Erica plays the cello. There's something wonderful about the Philharmonic. It's strictly volunteer. Just a group of people who want to play classical music. The doing is its own reward. They rehearse as a group once a week and practice on their own the rest of the time. We enjoyed their performance. Then we went with Erica to dinner.

We came home and rosepurr was a flurry of activity as she's back on the road today. Laundry and packing.

Now a short week. We're visiting rosepurr's Nana this weekend so I'm taking off Friday for the drive. It'll be good to see her and catch up.

In the meantime, though, it's spring break here. It's been a generally quiet semester, and spring break means it will be even quieter this week. Oh, well. I can rest up after this hectic weekend.


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