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The Mad Runner Returns

I haven't written anything here in a bit even though there's a bunch going on (being busy does take away from writing time). My boss took the day off and things have been quiet at work, so I have a bit of downtime to write. I have several topics I want to write about, so I may post several entries today.

First, thank you all for the nice comments and well wishes on my poor injured legs. They are much better. Last night, in fact, I ran on them for the first time since the injury. 10 minutes at a very slow pace on the treadmill, but it was running.

Relatedly, probably the big news here is that rosepurr joined the Y. One of the fringe benefits of my job is that we didn't have to pay the $100 fee to join; we just have to pay the monthly fee. We love it. We've been heading there after work. While there's a large number of facilities around town, we go to the one closest to rosepurr's office. It's convenient for her while she's home, but it's also in one of the swankier parts of town so it's a very nice facility. I enjoy doing some cardio and weight-lifting, then adjourning to the sauna and sweating more out. A quick shower, then I relax in the whirlpool for a bit (my leg loves that). My only complaint is that it's always so busy. In the grand scheme, though, that's a minor complaint.

I also signed up for a Pilates for runners class. (It was an extra fee because we use the reformer machine.) Even though I've never done Pilates before, I figured it would be good while my leg was still rehabilitating. I had my first class Tuesday night and loved it. Challenging but not overwhelming. The Y is always busy, but this class only had 5 sign up and only 3 - counting me - showed up. It's nice having the individual attention of the instructor, especially since I haven't done any before. I felt like I had worked after that hour - my abs are still protesting. But they need it.

I need it. I haven't exercised in over a month. I feel my belly and ass growing. And I miss it. I hear people complain about exercise often. And I do it, too, but the fact is I'm insane. I'm insane with it and about it, but I'm more insane without it.

It's good to get back.


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