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My much-needed vacation

Greetings from Sevierville! I took most of this week off and am here with rosepurr. She's working while I lounge around the hotel, reading, writing, dozing, and working out. It borders on a kind of "cabin in Montana" vacation except I get to spend time with my love in the evenings and eat better. I'm typing this on the hotel's computer, but, other than when my iPhone finds signal, I'm pretty incommunicado.

This comes off a wonderful weekend. rosepurr and I spent Friday night stocking the fridge for the weekend so she could do some fabulous cooking. We spent Saturday running errands, having lunch, dessert, and coffee at an Italian cafe, and perusing a couple of stores we hadn't been to before, including - gulp - a used bookstore. Then we went to the Nashville Rollergirls season opener where they whooped up on Atlanta.

The bad part about Saturday was hurting myself. I dropped our haul from the bookstore off at the car and then tried to dash back across the street. Then the back of my legs snapped like broken springs. Apparently the cold made my muscles not want to move fast. So I gave myself simultaneous Charley horses, the right one much worse than the left, with the swelling and the bruising. I've been walking around like an 80-year-old arthritic. I've warned rosepurr this is what the future looks like.

They are slowly recovering, though. I'm not incapacitated, but I'm not quick either.

Sunday, as a result, consisted of me sitting around a lot. Did some reading. rosepurr spent some time online. A nice low-key day topped off with rosepurr's fabulous cooking.

Yesterday, we arrived in Sevierville. I've pretty much spent the time reading (book reviews coming very soon, for those who are interested) and writing. Today is a gloomy, cold, rainy day. I read until almost noon, and then worked out (which shows how much better my legs are), and then showered. I'm getting ready to retreat back into my reading. The hotel's lobby has a nice fireplace, a wooden decor, and a variety of pictures of bears that makes it feel like a lodge or cabin in the remote wilderness.

rosepurr and I are planning on heading to Clint's tonight - a great local dive with fantastic Southern cooking and, tonight, a bluegrass band in which Clint is actually a member. We ate lunch there yesterday when we got to town. I confirmed rosepurr's opinion that they have the best red velvet cake anywhere.


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