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A bit of a rant about media

In the break room this afternoon, as I was refilling my water bottle, I came across today's Tennessean. To put it mildly, The Tennessean is the worst newspaper I've ever seen. I've lived in small communities with daily papers that should have been weeklies, manned by two or three people who simply needed work. And they were still better than The Tennessean.

Recently, in fact, I was in the grocery store and some salespeople from the paper were giving away free copies. I declined. rosepurr and I had a subscription for awhile until the lack of substance and basic grammar were too much to bear. Now we get The New York Times on Sunday morning. Yes, I could get it all online, but there's something about newsprint and coffee over a plate of eggs with my sweetie that's richly satisfying.

Anyway, I perused today's Tennessean, which, appropriately, was sitting on top of the recycling bin. And here's the top stories I find:

STDs on Rise for TN Women

End-of-the-world signs point to Jesus' return, Nashville speaker says

And, of course, today's Titans news: Jeff Fisher to Titans: Stop finger-pointing

In short, disease, lunatics and football. Any sordid bit of trivia they can find to smear across the front page to sell papers. And then they want to bemoan the death of newspapers. They wonder why young people don't read them.

In my opinion, you can't have a discussion of the death of so-called "old media" without a discussion of quality. Just because it's in newsprint doesn't mean it's worthwhile.


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