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So, other than my occasional postings of books, which is easy thanks to Goodreads, I've been terrible about updating. No excuses or apologies for that really. Things have been really good for the most part. Work has been a bit rough lately, but in my job the few weeks before school starts are the worst of the year so that's not a surprise.

For instance, I neglected to write about my fabulous fortieth birthday where my family and friends came down, gathered and ate at the always wonderful Loveless Cafe, providing stories, laughter, gifts and fabulous company. I like to joke about getting old, but so far I'm liking 40. Dad stayed an extra day and we journeyed up to Bowling Green, Kentucky, and a visit to the National Corvette Museum. We had a good time.

I also neglected to write about my recent trip to Washington, D.C. I was there for my annual law librarian conference. I got to see a bunch of old friends, which was wonderful, and made a couple of new ones. I have so many friends now in or near D.C. it was impossible to see everyone. I did manage to squeeze in a trip to the National Zoo, though, which was fun. I also got to see the Library of Congress where there was an opening reception full of drinks, fabulous desserts and the original library of Thomas Jefferson. *swoon*

But, this past weekend, I visited rosepurr. She is on an assignment in New Orleans. She usually comes home on the weekends, no matter where she is, but she opted to stay so I could come down and spend the weekend with her. We've both there before, but never together. Like Paris, it is a city for couples and romance.

August is not the best time to visit, with its raging heat and humidity, but it didn't matter. We visited some of our favorites haunts like the Gumbo Shop and Cafe du Monde. Walked down Bourbon Street on Saturday night. Ate fabulous food. Drank fabulous drinks. Went to visit Mardi Gras World, where they build & house the floats for the annual spectacle. Snuggled in a fabulous hotel room, the recently remodeled Roosevelt, owned by the Waldorf Astoria.

Saturday we inadvertently found ourselves in the midst of an annual event, the Red Dress Run. About 7000 people, men & women, show up in red dresses and run/walk/drink their way through the French Quarter. Sponsored by the local hashing group, it is truly a sight to behold. Fortunately, we also found fantastic Bloody Mary's at the same time. I want to gather a group and go down next year for both the run and the Bloody Mary's.

In short, fantastic. I knew it would be, and yet it exceeded my expectations. Time with rosepurr always does. :)


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