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I posted this on Facebook and I post it here only for consistency. I won't tag anyone here.

In case you haven't seen it:

1.I don't fear dying. I fear not having enough life.

2.I'm really lazy.

3.I have a ferocious temper that I work very hard to keep in check.

4.I'm a big nerd, and I'm still making peace with that.

5.I wish I were more of a free spirit.

6.My wife exceeds my expectations every day.

7.I have exceeded everyone's expectations, except my own.

8.I think almost everybody works too hard for too little.

9.I am a bad influence.

10.I like dressing up in suits.

11.I rarely remember my dreams, but when I do, I question my sanity.

12.I'm generally a dog person, but my cats make me happy.

13.Every time Terri goes on the road for work, I worry.

14.I am a wise-ass a lot of times to cover up my fear, worry and despair.

15.I am descended from apes.

16.I have seasonal affective disorder. I wish we could go directly from New Years to St. Patrick's Day because I'm almost useless in January and February.

17.A friend once told me that I'm snarky because deep down I love everyone. It's true.

18.Sometimes watching someone play a video game is more entertaining to me than playing it myself.

19.When I was a kid, I said I wanted to be rich. My idea of rich back then is actually the way I live now.

20.I spend an awful lot of time bored.

21.There are times I want to live like a monk, alone and quiet, reading and contemplating. There are a LOT of those times.

22.Even though I'm an introvert, the best thing about being a librarian is meeting someone new and being able to help them.

23.I like structure and sometimes I really just want to be told what to do.

24.I hate that about myself.

25.I love being an adult more than I ever loved being a kid.



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