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Punch Brothers

Last night, as rain poured down, rosepurr and I saw the Punch Brothers. Formed by Chris Thile, who is perhaps the best mandolin player in the world, the Punch Brothers is a more experimental group of outstanding musicians. Here's a description on Wikipedia.

It was one of the most amazing musical experiences I've had. They played on campus at the hall for the music school. I'd never been there before, but it's a fantastic venue for a small intimate concert. The crowd, lots of younger people clearly interested in music, was great.

These were five of the finest musicians I've ever seen. They were laughing and clearly enjoying playing with one another. Chris Thile reminded me a little kid. My boss (who was in attendance) said today Thile reminds him of Calvin from "Calvin and Hobbes." I can't help but agree. The enthusiasm and joy they have is infectious. I wanted to take up the guitar right then and there (but not the mandolin – Thile is just so damn good).

Thile with his beautiful mandolin jumped around like a guitar hero, even during the slower moments of his 4-part symphony-like composition, "The Blind Leaving the Blind." We own the album and enjoy it, but seeing them live and seeing the interaction of these great musicians and their playing was definitely memorable.

In short, it was an awesome night. I snuggled into my sweetie and enjoyed beautiful music. We came home and slept to a different music, the sound of heavy rain outside.

Tags: music, nashville, punch brothers, rosepurr, sweetie
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