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2008: A Summary

  Title Author Format Recommend? Notes
1 The Gonzo Way Anita Thompson Book Yes  
2 Shakespeare: The World as Stage Bill Bryson Book Yes  
3 An Arsonist's Guide to Writer's Homes in New England Brock Clarke Audio No read by Daniel Passer
4 Alternadad Neil Pollack Audio Yes read by the author
5 Gods Behaving Badly Marie Phillips Book Highly  
6 H.I.V.E.: Higher Institute for Villainous Education Mark Walden Book Yes  
7 Blaze Richard Bachman (aka Stephen King) Audio Yes read by Ron McLarty
8 The Painter of Battles Arturo Perez-Reverte Book Highly  
9 Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness & Creativity David Lynch Book Yes  
10 On the Road Jack Kerouac Audio Highly read by Matt Dillon
11 Against the Machine Lee Siegel Book Highly  
12 Out Stealing Horses Per Petterson Book Yes  
13 The Enemy Lee Child Audio Mildly read by Dick Hill
14 Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life Steve Martin Audio Yes read by the author
15 Go With Me Castle Freeman Jr. Book Yes does a great job capturing rural Vermont
16 Into the Wild Jon Krakauer Audio Yes read by Philip Franklin
17 Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians Brandon Sanderson Audio Yes read by Charlie McWade
18 The World Without Us Alan Weisman Book Highly  
19 What Now? Ann Patchett Book Yes  
20 X Saves the World Jeff Gordiner Book Highly  
21 Armageddon in Retrospect Kurt Vonnegut Book Highly  
22 Letters to a Young Poet Rainer Maria Rilke Book Highly  
23 Don't Bump the Glump and Other Fantasies Shel Silverstein Book Yes  
24 The Dip Seth Godin Book Yes  
25 A Wrinkle in Time Madeline L'Engle Audio Yes read by Barbara Caruso
26 Three Bags Full Leonie Swann Book Yes  
27 The Spiderwick Chronicles (Volumes 1-5) Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black Audio Yes read by Mark Hamill (great reading)
28 6 Sick Hipsters Rayo Casoblanca Book Yes  
29 Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell Susanna Clarke Book Yes  
30 Round Ireland with a Fridge Tony Hawks Book Yes  
31 Firefly Rain Richard Dansky Book Yes  
32 Somebody Owes Me Money Donald E. Westlake Book Yes  
33 A Wind in the Door Madeline L'Engle Audio Yes read by the author
34 The Last Lecture Randy Pausch w/Jeffrey Zaslow Book Yes  
35 Letters to a Young Contrarian Christopher Hitchens Book Yes  
36 Quiet Please: Dispatches from a Public Librarian Scott Douglas Book Yes  
37 The Book of Three (Prydain Chronicles 1) Lloyd Alexander Audio Highly read by James Langton (great reading)
38 A Swiftly Tilting Planet Madeline L'Engle Audio Yes read by the author
39 Blasphemy Douglas Preston Book Yes  
40 The Lightning Thief Rick Riordan Audio Highly read by Jesse Bernstein
41 The Library at Night Alberto Manguel Book Highly  
42 Miles from Nowhere Nami Mun Book Yes  
43 Heartsick Chelsea Cain Book Yes  
44 Slackonomics Lisa Chamberlain Book Mildly  
45 Population: 485 Michael Perry Book Highly  
46 The Black Cauldron (Prydain Chronicles 2) Lloyd Alexander Audio Highly read by James Langton (great reading)
47 Walking on Water: Reading, Writing & Revolution Derrick Jensen Book Highly  
48 Why We Hate Us Dick Meyer Book Yes  
49 The Way of the Small Michael Gellert Book Yes  
50 The Castle of Llyr (Prydain Chronicles 3) Lloyd Alexander Audio Yes read by James Langton (great reading)
51 The Fractal Murders Mark Cohen Book Yes  
52 Napoleon's Privates Tony Perrottet Book Yes  
53 This I Believe Various Book Yes  
54 The Portable Curmudgeon Jon Winokur (editor) Book Yes  
55 Taran Wanderer (Prydain Chronicles 4) Lloyd Alexander Audio Yes read by James Langton (great reading)
56 A Practical Guide to Racism C. H. Dalton Book Mildly  
57 Leather Maiden Joe R. Lansdale Book Yes  
58 And the Hippos Were Boiled In Their Tanks William S. Burroughs & Jack Kerouac Book Mildly  
59 The High King (Prydain Chronicles 5) Lloyd Alexander Audio Highly read by James Langton (great reading)
60 The City of Ember Jeanne Duprau Book Mildly  
61 A Reading Diary Alberto Manguel Book Yes  
62 Phule's Company Robert Asprin Book Yes  
63 The Uncommon Reader Alan Bennett Book Yes  
64 Wolf Jim Harrison Book Highly  
65 The Bible Salesman Clyde Edgerton Book Mildly  
66 The Beginning Place Ursula K. LeGuin Audio Yes read by Rob Inglis
67 A Great Idea at the Time Alex Beam Book Highly  
68 In the Miso Soup Ryu Murakami Book Yes  
69 Life is Good Life is Good brand Book Yes  
70 Once Were Cops Ken Bruen Book Yes  

  Title Author Recommend?
1 52 Volume 1 Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka Yes
2 Dogby Walks Alone Wes Abbott Highly
3 52 Volume 2 Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka Yes
4 Superman: Redemption Kurt Busiek Mildly
5 Dogby Walks Alone Vol. 2: Dogby Walks Tall Wes Abbott Highly
6 Doomquest David Micheleine Mildly
7 Ultimate Human Warren Ellis Yes
8 Marvel Zombies Robert Kirkman Yes

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