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It's been a fabulous weekend. rosepurr and I have needed some time to reconnect. We love each other very much and we talk every night by phone, but her job keeps her on the road so much and there's no substitute for genuine togetherness.

Yesterday morning, we ran some errands separately, then came together at the house for breakfast. rosepurr has been a flurry of cooking this weekend. So much the better for me. :) We have a stocked fridge of tasty lunches for a short work week. We hung around the apartment for a bit. I was lazy while rosepurr was restless. So she convinced me to stroll around near Vandy for awhile before our dinner reservations.

We stopped off at Cabana for a martini and an appetizer (we chose the cheese plate).

Then we went to Tayst. We hadn't been there before, though we'd heard great things. It was a good, though not great, experience. Basically, I fear I'm going to come off as too critical. Some of the service could have been better (though it was good) and we would have preferred a bit more involvement from them for wine pairings, but the food was delicious.

Tayst prides itself (rightly) on serving locally grown meat and vegetables, except for their fish (which comes from Hawaii) and some rarities. Because of this, the menu changes with the seasons. (There is a link to the current fall menu on their website linked above.)

We each ordered a tasting menu. I'll let rosepurr describe hers, but let me say it included perhaps the best New England clam chowder and vanilla bean creme brulee (vanilla beans from Madagascar) I've ever had.

Mine was equally awesome. I started with a pork egg roll stuffed with sweet potatoes and cranberries topped with a sweet and sour sauce. The second course was a surf and turf, a beef carpaccio with seared scallop. The third course was a delicacy, thresher shark over couscous. Very, very tasty. The last course was dessert, a Krispy Kreme bread pudding, served with a coffee chocolate milkshake, which was paired with a glass of English mead. (It was the best pairing I had, although rosepurr's creme brulee paired with an aged bourbon was probably more awesome.) The honey in the mead brought out more of the sweetness of the bread pudding.

In other words, my courses were meat, meat and fish, fish, and Krispy Kreme. Hooray!

Today was been household chore day. We committed to not leaving the house. So we cleaned and rosepurr cooked even more, a crockpot 15-bean house that turned out divine. This afternoon, celticmll and cc_wolff stopped by coffee and snacks (rosepurr concocted a pumpkin filling to stuff between two cinnamon graham crackers as a yummy fall snack). It was good to spend a couple of hours with them catching up and just sitting. We - well, okay, rosepurr - straightened up our guest room for her mom's arrival this week. We're excited about her visit. We've had a variety of music all day as we worked - Bela Fleck, Billie Holiday, Dylan.

It's been a wonderful weekend, leading into - I hope - an easy work week.


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Nov. 24th, 2008 03:01 pm (UTC)
Sounds wonderful. Enjoy your week.
Nov. 24th, 2008 04:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks. You, too. :)
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