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Bruce just wanted to rock

I got home last night just looking to unwind. My cell phone battery had died several hours before. Little did I know my sweetie had been trying to reach me.

I thought for sure the concert was August 28, a week from last night. I was wrong. My sweetie heard from a colleague that it was tonight. (We had will call seats so we didn't have the tickets in front of us.)

Without changing clothes, without dinner, we darted to the car and zoomed downtown. The Sommet Center was filling fast, but we got our tickets and then the show didn't start for an hour. So we sat and waited.

I love Bruce Springsteen. I've seen him a few times before (my sweetie had not) and the show is always thrilling and engaging. Last night, he seemed even more manic and enthusiastic than I remember seeing him. The band was great. And Bruce just wanted to rock. There were a few softer moments, but no moments with just Bruce with a guitar or piano or harmonica (like he has done every other time I've seen him), not many slower songs.

He took requests from the audience which is why the set list (posted here) might look a little odd. There's covers ("I Fought the Law" in honor of Joe Strummer's birthday) and rarities, like "I'm Goin' Down" (a classic off Born in the U.S.A. that you don't hear often anymore, especially live, and "Loose Ends," a song from the Tracks set that I love but is brutally depressing (the lyrics are here - go ahead, you know you want to).

The set list also fails to mention that he opened "I'm on Fire" with a slowed down, gospel-tinged verse of "I Walk the Line." (It is Nashville, after all.)

So Bruce was awesome even by my standards for Bruce.

We adjourned to a Waffle House for a late greasy dinner full of breakfast food. (We would have gone to Sonic for those calorie-rific breakfast served all day sandwiches on Texas toast, but they locked the door as we pulled up.) We got served by a crazy man who's probably a felon. He talked our ears off when we really just wanted a quick bite before heading home to bed. (We both had work today.)

I've slogged through today, sleepy but happy.


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