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Tom Waits

Last night rosepurr and I saw Tom Waits. We had to drive to Knoxville for it. I took a half-day off work (the first half) because I drove. We got home around 1 am.

It was well worth it. He was awesome. It's great to see someone reveling in their weirdness and absurdity, their idiosyncrasy, and just having a damn good time doing it. His music always reminds of a carnival at closing time, his bestial throaty voice giving depth to his darkest ruminations, but it's still fun and playful. Perhaps it's age and experience or perhaps it's just that his voice is so distinctive, but he has a confidence in his voice that is rare even among some of the best singers I've seen. I sometimes wondered if he even needed the microphone. It's clear he has fun doing his thing and his joy is infectious. With a superb band behind him (the guy on sax and harmonica was a standout among a superb bunch), he romped about on stage with glee.

The crowd was fun, too, a lot of hipsters (so many men in dashing haberdashery!*) in from the farthest reaches as he's only playing a limited number of shows. The people in line in front of us drove down from Brooklyn. Brooklyn to Knoxville! I drove about 3 hours and was trying to remember the last time I drove even that far for a show.

In case you haven't seen it, his press conference to announce the tour is great:

A great performance from Letterman of one of rosepurr and I's favorites (and one of the highlights of the night), "Make It Rain":

A favorite of mine, "Lie to Me":

It was awesome and we had a great time.

* - I'm working on my own hat collection as well. I bought three in the last few months. It's so hard to be dashing. (HA!)


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Jul. 1st, 2008 12:51 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a great show!! I can't imagine driving from Brooklyn to Knoxville!!! They must really love him!!!
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