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Here's to quiet evenings at home

As if the Bon Jovi show Thursday night wasn't enough, this weekend rosepurr and I drove up to L'ville in my shiny new car (with the sunroof wide open) to take in Avenue Q and catch up with friends. I was familiar with the music, as several friends own the soundtrack, but the soundtrack in all its wondrousness fails to convey how wonderful the production is. I laughed a lot and the Bad Idea Bears will soon have their own icon.

It was good to eat good and catch up with people and see L'ville and take in a wonderful play that stirred memories of my own misguided youth.

And this coming Friday, we have tickets for Lou Reed at the Ryman.

I've been really into music lately. A week and a half ago, the Great Escape here in town had a 20% off sale and since they really deal only in used CD's to begin with, I scored a lot. I wound up with about fifteen CD's there plus a few other recent Ebay purchases, including (sorry I'm too lazy to post Amazon links to them all):

several Over the Rhine
a couple of older Bruce Hornsby's that I never had (the box set rocks, btw, in case I failed to mention it before)
a Reckless Kelly
Kinky Friedman Live in Austin
Van Morrison's Enlightment (is that album really almost 20 years old?)
Southern Culture on the Skids
the George Strait box for, like, 8 bucks
Alison Moorer

So tonight, when I got home, I put on some Over the Rhine while rosepurr cooked. She made a wonderful halibut with black eye peas and brussel sprouts. A little wine and then some leftover blueberry pie from the weekend. We discussed how long it had been since we had the house to ourselves for a quiet dinner; we've just been busy lately. We would've posted food porn, but we just bought a new digital camera and it's not ready yet. Just imagine wonderfulness.

Life is good.


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