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The weekend that was

It was a fabulous weekend. yrmencyn and cheerybeggar came down and visited. We went out for wonderful Turkish food on Friday night shortly after their arrival and then we went to the Ryman for the Ani DiFranco concert. She rocked, of course; more aggressive effervescence and righteous indignation on that acoustic guitar than I've seen on stage in a long while. The opening act, Over the Rhine, really surprised me with their, to borrow the eloquent yrmencyn's words, "aggressively mellow" sound. yrmencyn and rosepurr were big fans before the show; I think we all were after it. MENTAL NOTE: Buy their CD's. Afterwards, we adjourned to our friends Sarah and Brian's for s'mores around their fire pit. Good conversation, good music, good food, good times.

Saturday was spent shopping and having more fun with friends. After rosepurr made a big breakfast of eggs, garlic cheese grits and black eye peas, we went to our new World Market where I bought two cookbooks - Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey and the Loveless Cafe cookbook (like I need to eat ever again after all the great food this weekend). We also stopped by Teavana to feed yrmencyn's tea addiction. We fostered a new appreciation in cheerybeggar for Bojangles' biscuits. Then we went over to celticmll and cc_wolff's place for veggie lasagna and several drinks and the new Willie Nelson peach cobbler from Ben & Jerry's. Good conversation, good food, good times. No music really Saturday. Oh, well.

Sunday morning rosepurr made another superb breakfast, poaching eggs on top of garlic, onions, tomatoes and red peppers. Then we said our goodbyes and headed over to old family friends of rosepurr's for a big starchy bbq lunch. We had fun, staying much later than we planned. We came home and had Brian and Sarah and our friend Sawyer over to watch Across the Universe, which we loved. Beatles fans, rejoice. Good conversation, good music, good food, good times.

The only bad thing about this weekend was that it ended.


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