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Where I stand politically

We had a wonderful evening. We had friends over and rosepurr cooked a fabulous dinner. Fabulous mahi mahi, asparagus, and creme brulee. Our friends brought some fabulous wine, including a nice dessert wine, and then we played Quelf and drank some beer. In short, the good life. Lots of laughs and a little bit of a buzz.

After our friends left, we got online so rosepurr could book her hotel for the next week and I could catch on LJ and email and such. Still drinking beer. Anyway, I see that Barack Obama has scored a huge victory in South Carolina. I don't discuss my politics on here very much. I actually try to avoid discussing politics very much (perhaps I'll discuss why at a later opportunity). But I am resolving to open myself up more in my writing and in LJ so I'll discuss where I stand on the current political climate.

Largely I'm still undecided. I like both the frontrunners in the Democratic race right now. Neither one is as liberal as I would like, but someone as liberal as I would like is unelectable (note that Kucinich is out of the race). Although I like John Edwards a lot (his career as a plaintiff's attorney is a big plus for me) (btw, I voted for Kerry because he had Edwards on the ticket and I would have stayed home rather than vote for Bush), I think his loss in South Carolina is the last nail in the coffin. I suspect he'll stick it out til Super Tuesday, but he's done. I like both Obama and Hillary, but I fear a Hillary nomination. Hillary would make a strong president. Her (and Bill's) experience and connections virtually guarantee it. But I worry about two things:

1. There is a HUGE anti-Hillary contingent that would come out and vote against her and give the presidency to whomever the Republican candidate is (even if it's Heaven forbid Mike Huckabee). She is hated across much of the country. Giving her the nomination placates the Democratic base in the Northeast (who are pretty much willing to rally around whomever the candidate is), but there is a huge swath across the Midwest that simply would not vote for Hillary. Call it misogyny if you like, but I don't think it's that simple. A Hillary loss would probably be translated by Big Media as a woman being unelectable (Big Media is always looking for the simplest explanation it can find), but I think that wouldn't be true. Just because Hillary is a woman doesn't mean she represents All Women Who Will Ever Run for President. And I worry that that's what she'll become. She carries a lot of baggage with her. If she gains the Democratic nomination, does that mean women can never be elected president? No, although I fear that's how it will be interpreted. She's smart and confident and, I have no doubt, would do a fine job, but it's about more than that.

2. If, somehow, she gets over the hurdles of being both nominated and elected, there is the dangerous precedent she sets. If she wins, this country will have been run by members of two (and only 2) families for at least 24 years. This troubles me. Hell, Bush II brought in a bunch of Nixon cronies. So - the short version - this country has been in the hands of the same damned lunatics for too fucking long. In short, I approve of new blood and I think this country needs it.

Given everything I lay out here, I feel like I'm hanging my hat on Obama, although I know he's not the perfect candidate. I like the man. I like what he says and some of his ideas. And it would be nice to have someone in the White House who can has written two books and served as editor of the Harvard Law Review - in other words, someone who can read or write (I'm still not convinced Bush II can do either). That's what I really miss in our leaders - someone whose intelligence I truly respect and who I feel has the best interests of this country at heart. I know compromises must be made in Washington. I don't expect an idealogue. I expect someone who can get things done.

Okay, this entry turned out much longer than I intended. Sorry about that, but very glad if you stayed with me. This entry is really just me rattling off a string of loose thoughts, but we'll see what people think. Maybe someone will convince me differently.

Thanks, everyone, and btw, God bless America.



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Jan. 27th, 2008 03:06 pm (UTC)
You'll get no convincing differently from me as we have pretty much the exact same opinions. I love Kucinich but know he won't make it. I feel the same about Hillary as you also. I know too many people who seriously despise her for a whole host of reasons and no reason at all, and I'd hate to see things handed to that whackjob Huckabee (who scares the living crap out of me -- homosexuality = beastiality to him, wtf??) because people turned out just to hate on Hillary.

I hadn't thought about the fact that we've had only two families in power in this country for so long, but it's a great point.
Jan. 28th, 2008 07:10 pm (UTC)
Oddly enough, I agree with a lot of your points. I guess growing up in the same household made us alike in some ways!! I do like Obama....and for many of the same reasons you list.
I dislike Hillary, but it's not for political reasons at all. I hate the example she gave the country, young women in particular, when she allowed her husband to stay despite his very public, humiliating actions. God help the man who would try to do that to me!!!
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