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New Years Eve Gloating

New Years Eve makes me reflective and pensive and, since in the past many of my best-laid plans for the event have fallen through, I've gotten in the habit of not making plans and having a good time doing whatever comes up (something inevitably does). rosepurr, on the other hand, likes having plans for New Years Eve and believes it is a fabulous celebration and time with friends.

So we split the difference. I made reservations for us at Zola, a fancy romantic restaurant for the two of us here in Nashville. It lived up to all the hype I had heard about how wonderful it was and more. The service was excellent. Our waiter made us laugh and told funny stories. We each had four-course meals (hers with wine pairings, mine without as I drove). Since there are many foodies who read rosepurr and my LJ's, I'm sharing (I only wish I had pictures).

rosepurr - Lobster BLT - House Cured Bacon, Lobster Medallions, Oven-dried Roma Tomatoes
me - Shiitake Mushroom Duck Soup with Edamame Bean Wonton

Salad: We both had the venison salad - Poached Pear, Blackberry Gelee, Nuts & Berries, Greens, Walnut Sherry Vinaigrette. The venison was exquisite.

Main course:
rosepurr - Stuffed Prawn - Filled with Crab, Sundried Tomato, Pinenuts & Basil, Brisket & Smoked Provolone Ravioli
me - Black Angus Filet (medium rare, for me - warmed through but pink in the middle), Corn Simmered Chanterelles, Potato & Idiazable Cheese Empanada, Fois Gras Mole

rosepurr - Chocolate Decadence
me - Apple Rum Raisin Galette with Cinnamon Ice Cream

Afterwards, we came home and watched Garrison Keillor's New Year Eve special from the Ryman Auditorium on PBS with cats on our laps. We made it til midnight, but just barely. We had a bottle of champagne, but it remained chilled in the fridge and we never opened it. We'd both worked and then we had full bellies and rosepurr already had four glasses of wine in her.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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