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Proposition and Preparing

So I haven't written about the adventure that has been the past two days.

Tuesday I spent much of the day cleaning the old apartment and then worked for about half a day. I had reached my breaking point and needed a break. I thought about it, asking myself if there was anything I had to do, completely forgetting that rosepurr was going to slave away at Celebrations to prepare our programs. I went to the movies, abandoning my cell phone in the car and missing her frantic phone calls. I saw The Proposition, which I highly recommend. It's not for the squeamish, but it's a good movie.

Afterwards, I traded phone calls with rosepurr finalizing the programs. My poor sweetie was there until 2 am working on the things. Sigh. I had completely reached my breaking point with wedding planning and I haven't done half as much as she has. It seems like it would be easier to take over the world and declare us married rather than go through all this stuff.

Wednesday was slightly better. I officially turned in the keys to my old apartment, which was a relief. I worked for awhile then came home and relaxed until poker. At poker, I drank more beer than I planned but it was okay. I played well, too, even if I didn't win. (In the end, my straight got beat by a slightly better one.)

Today is slightly better still. Despite the burden of the old apartment being lifted, I still feel overwhelmed. Tonight I need to rummage through my new apartment, which is not unpacked, and find everything I need for the next two weeks so I can repack it differently. Ugh. I'm getting tired just thinking about it.


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Jul. 27th, 2006 04:05 pm (UTC)
But it is all worth it. That is what matters. :)
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