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I’ve never used my laptop in the air before. It’s kind of strange, although I like it. I love night flights. This plane holds about 120 people by my estimate, and there’s just 30 of us. I like having space to breathe and relax. It’s a short flight, too, about a hour and 15 minutes. Most people are reading or sleeping. My kind of trip. No kiddies, no loud obnoxious conversations. I worry that the FAA will allow cell phone use on airplanes. That will make it just plain suck more.

The interview at Villanova went well. It doesn’t much matter, of course; I did this more out of obligation at this point as I’m committed to Champaign. Champaign’s a better fit, anyway. A bit more autonomy and ability to steer the course of the program, a smaller program, no nights, no weekends. Besides, Villanova is looking for less salary than I’ve already been offered. Under different circumstances, Villanova would be a fine job. They are preparing to build a new law school (their current building resembles a Catholic high school built in the 1950's) and it will be an exciting time.

Ah, well. I have a lot to do tomorrow. Good stuff, though. Fun stuff, most of it. And if I get it all done, I will feel accomplished, which, up until today, I haven’t done in awhile. I have felt overwhelmed with the process of moving and everything and have sort of let myself lapse into a kind of despair. Moving and leaving L’ville will be hard in many ways. I’m moving toward something, which helps, but still it will be hard.

So I fly back, enjoying this night flight (the disadvantage being they are a pain in the ass for those you talk into picking you up at the airport - I love my sweetie) and playing computer Yahtzee, a prize from a long-ago box of Cheerios. I wound up finishing The Stupidest Angel (too much fun) yesterday so I'm bookless; with the quantity of books I own, I could not justify being one at the airport. I hope to get these entries uploaded tomorrow and do a bit more writing (although I admit it’s low on the list of priorities). We’ll see.

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