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Books, glorious books - A mid year review

It's the 7th of July, which means the year is about half over. While I feel like I haven't been doing as much reading as, say, last year, I apparently have been doing a lot. I've been tracking it.

Title Author Format Recommend? Notes
1 The Disappointment Artist Jonathan Lethem Audio Yes
2 Sin City (1): the Hard Goodbye Frank Miller Graphic Yes
3 Batman: Year One Frank Miller Graphic No
4 Balsamic Dreams Joe Queenan Book Yes Mostly read in 2005; finished 2006
5 Knight of Ghosts & Shadows Mercedes Lackey/Ellen Guon Book Yes Half read in 2005; finished 2006
6 Beasts of No Nation Uzodinma Iweala Book Yes Half read in 2005; finished 2006
7 Daredevil: Yellow Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale Graphic Yes
8 Daredevil: Underboss Brian Michael Bendis/Alex Maleev Graphic Yes
9 The Hot Kid Elmore Leonard Audio Yes
10 Queen & Country: Operation Morningstar (2) Greg Rucka/Brian Hurtt Graphic Yes
11 Preacher (5): Dixie Fried Garth Ennis/ Graphic Yes
12 The Tent Margaret Atwood Book Yes
13 Preacher (6): War in the Sun Garth Ennis/ Graphic Yes
14 The Final Solution Michael Chabon Book Yes
15 Hogfather Terry Pratchett Book Yes Half read in 2005; finished 2006
16 The Gutter and the Grave Ed McBain Book Yes
17 Bookmark Now Various Book Yes Half read in 2005; finished 2006
18 The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell Book Yes
19 Cell Stephen King Book Yes
20 The Pirates! In an Adventure with Whaling Gideon Defoe Book Highly
21 Triage Richard Laymon/Edward Lee/Jack Ketchum Book Yes
22 Drama City George Pelecanos Audio Yes
23 King of the Mild Frontier Chris Crutcher Book Yes
24 Slapstick Kurt Vonnegut Book Highly
25 Akira 1 Katsuhiro Otomo Graphic Yes
26 Purity of Blood Arturo Perez-Reverte Book Yes
27 Akira 2 Katsuhiro Otomo Graphic Yes
28 Akira 3 Katsuhiro Otomo Graphic Yes
29 300 Frank Miller Graphic Yes
30 Back Story Robert B. Parker Audio Yes
31 Company Max Barry Book Yes
32 The Rose and the Briar Various Book Yes
33 Wampeters Foma and Granfalloons Kurt Vonnegut Book Yes
34 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Hunter S. Thompson Audio Yes
35 A Dirty Job Christopher Moore Book Yes
36 100 Bullets: First Shot, Last Call Brian Azzarello Graphic Yes
37 Powers: Little Deaths Brian Michael Bendis Graphic Yes
38 The Cat's Pajamas & Other Stories James Morrow Book Highly
39 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime Mark Haddon Audio Highly
40 Akira 4 Katsuhiro Otomo Graphic Yes
41 Akira 5 Katsuhiro Otomo Graphic Yes
42 Getting Even Woody Allen Book Highly Half read in 2005; finished 2006
43 Smoked Patrick Quinlan Book Yes
44 From Doon with Death Ruth Rendell Book Yes
45 The Brief and Terrifying Reign of Phil George Saunders Book Yes
46 Perfect Dark Initial Vector Greg Rucka Book Mildly
47 Akira 6 Katsuhiro Otomo Graphic Yes
48 The Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway Audio Yes
49 Nin Cass Danglish Book Yes
50 Side Effects Woody Allen Book Yes
51 The Prophet Kahlil Gibran Book Yes
52 The Soul of a Butterfly Muhammed Ali & Audio No
53 Incendiary Chris Cleave Audio Highly
54 The Oathbound Mercedes Lackey Book Yes
55 Storm Front Jim Butcher Book Yes
56 Bust Ken Bruen & Jason Starr Book Highly
57 Sin City (4): That Yellow Bastard Frank Miller Graphic Yes
58 Straight Cut Madison Smartt Bell Book No
59 Powers: Anarchy Brian Michael Bendis Graphic Yes
60 The Alphabet of Manliness Maddox Book Yes
61 I Had the Right to Remain Silent But I Didn't Have the Ability Ron “Tater Salad” White Book Mildly
62 The Conqueror Worms Brian Keene Book Yes
63 Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury Audio Highly

Straight Cut is one from the Hard Case Crime series, which I've generally enjoyed.  This one while well-written left me a bit cold. 

The Alphabet of Manliness is a humor book by a guy who calls himself Maddox, who operates The Best Page in the Universe.  Yes, it's silly, and occasionally in poor taste, but amusing nonetheless.

Reading a book by a stand-up comedian is usually reading just a transcript of his/her routine.  Ron White adds some stories that didn't make his act.  If you like him, this is more of the same. 

Brian Keene wrote The Rising, a fantastic zombie novel I read a couple of years ago.  The Conqueror Worms is his latest, filled with an apocalypse of a different kind.  It rains everywhere in the world for 50 straight days, the coastlines of everywhere are gone, and giant earthworms (as big around as cars) begin erupting from the soil to eat survivors.  I like his writing.  He's compulsively readable and has a great sense of pace. 

I've never Fahrenheit 451 or much Ray Bradbury for that matter.  My mistake.  This is a fantastic book.  I wish the audio book presentation had been better, but I loved the writing and its provocativeness.

BTW, the new Kris Kristofferson album is fantastic.  Sparse and depressing, but damn good. 


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